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Nu Skin Clear Action® Day Treatment


Protect and revitalise your complexion. Clear away the past, present, and future signs of breakouts with Nu Skin Clear Action® Day Treatment, featuring mandelic acid and salicylic acid. Mandelic acid, a lipid soluble AHA, erases the signs of past breakouts as it quickly fades dark spots on the skin’s surface, while salicylic acid, a BHA works to penetrate pores and dissolve the debris that causes breakouts. Combined in a lightweight gel, these two clinically proven ingredients, along with the powerful antioxidant white tea extract, promote a clear, even complexion so you can face every day with confidence.RESOURCES.


  • Helps to fade dark spots caused by past breakouts
  • Addresses present breakouts by providing salicylic acid to deep-cleanse pores and white tea extract to provide powerful antioxidant protection
  • Works to minimise future dark spots and scarring from breakouts.


Use in the morning after applying toner. Dispense a pearl-sized amount onto fingertip, then in an upward, outward motion, lightly smooth onto face and neck.

key features

  • Salicylic acid – penetrates pores to eliminate most blemishes

  • Mandelic acid – helps reduce the potential development of dark spots

  • White tea extract – a powerful antioxidant that restores the skin’s natural resilience

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