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Moisture Restore Day Protective Mattefying Lotion


Ideally formulated for Combination to Oily skin.
Bring a radiant, matte complexion to your skin and leave that shine to the summer sun with this shine control moisturiser and its SPF 15-infused formula. Designed specifically for combination to oily skin, its botanical extracts will help keep your skin soft and hydrated no matter what life throws at it. Start every morning off right by applying Nutricentials Moisture Restore Day Mattefying Lotion for a refreshing barrier that will leave your skin hydrated and protected from excessive sun exposure and leave you turning heads.


  • A unique formula with botanical extracts helps your skin navigate its tough, urban environment.
  • Helps bind moisture to the skin and maintain moisture levels, reduces shine, and leaves skin with a radiant, matte look.
  • Protects against excessive sun exposure, and pollution while leaving skin feeling soft and smooth.


After applying Celltrex® Ultra Recovery Fluid in the morning, rub a small amount onto face and neck in an upward and outward motion.


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