ageLOC LumiSpa Midnight Limited Edition


Introducing the ageLOC® LumiSpa™ Midnight Limited Edition, a rechargeable cleansing device inspired by the strength and beauty of the colour black. Bringing 7 amazing benefits to your skin, it combines the same incredible performance of the original LumiSpa with the awe-inspiring effect of a stunning midnight coat; top-of-the-line skincare has never looked better. Our proprietary Two-Sense Motion Technology stimulates the skin, while the precise motion and frequency leave skin thoroughly cleansed for smoother, softer skin after just one use.

This package contains an ageLOC LumiSpa Midnight Limited Edition device, and an activating cleanser of your choice.

You’ll find the normal silicone head has been reimagined as well, now proudly bearing its new Midnight Black coat. Together with the cleanser, it washes away dirt, oil, makeup and debris to help defy the onset of skin ageing and impart a youthful glow. Experience the 7-in-1 solution for younger looking skin like you’ve never seen it before.


Scientifically formulated, the activating cleanser, enables precise, cushioned cleansing and interaction with your skin. This powerful cleanser is formulated using Nu Skin®’s propriety ageLOC® ingredient blend, which not only targets the visible signs but also the sources of ageing to preserve the look of youth.


The cleanser is designed to work synergistically with the Two-Sense Motion technology of the silicone head to optimise the distribution of anti-ageing ingredients onto the skin, while cleansing and exfoliating to promote healthy, youthful looking skin.

In just 1 step for two minutes twice a day, you can enjoy these 7 clinically proven skin benefits that will intensify each day as you continue to use ageLOC LumiSpa:


1. Skin softness

2. Skin Smoothness

3. Skin Clarity

4. Increased radiance

5. Refreshed skin

6. Minimised appearance of pores

7. Thoroughly cleansed skin

Experience ageLOC LumiSpa, our 7-in-1 solution for younger looking skin!


To achieve the 7 clinically proven benefits, we recommend cleansing your face 2 minutes, 2 times a day.

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